Continental Breakfast

With our compliments…

Our complimentary continental breakfast is available to guests until check-out at 11am. We offer a variety of teas, and have two Keurigs to keep things going with organic, decaf, hot chocolate and other flavored coffees.  And there’s always a pot of coffee ready to brew for people needing to fill a thermos.  You will find assorted pastries, fruit, and regional specialties, such as cereals from Bob’s Red Mill, and Yogurts from Tillamook. We now have both hot and cold cereals.

Sheltered patio

Additional Amenities

The small fridge has lots of orange juice and sometimes other juices in addition to a large variety of yogurt flavors.   There’s a microwave, hot water pot, and toaster for people needing them.  There’s a small freezer with quart sized bags of ice.  And there’s a huge freezer downstairs for fishermen to store their catch!


We let people use the BBQ on the patio.  There’s plenty of seating for individuals, families and groups, both indoors and outdoors.