Internet upgraded!

Internet upgraded!

Need internet/ WiFi? Not a problem. Our internet download speed has just been increased to 50 mbps!

A second router has been installed to improve access throughout the hotel. Your phones and laptops will be much happier now.


Aug. 29th – An Evening with Legendary New Orleans Jazz Man Davis Rogan, Cathlamet Hotel  Lobby

Aug. 29th – An Evening with Legendary New Orleans Jazz Man Davis Rogan, Cathlamet Hotel Lobby

An Evening with DAVIS ROGAN

Legendary New Orleans Piano Jazzman – featured in HBO Treme series

6 pm Sunday, August 29, 2021  Hotel Cathlamet Lobby
Co-sponsored by David Olson Mayoral Campaign

The Hotel Cathlamet is pleased to announce LIVE AND DIRECT FROM BOURBON STREET an evening with legendary New Orleans jazzman and piano artist Davis Rogan, scheduled in the Hotel Lobby 6 pm Sunday August 29 th . The Tavern at Hotel Cathlamet will reopen for the occasion, but masks will be required in the Hotel Lobby area. A freewill donation of $10 is requested. Mr. Rogan’s original repertoire is suggested for mature audiences only. Proceeds from the event after costs will benefit the Hotel Cathlamet.

Davis Rogan plays classic New Orleans rhythm and blues with a unique and original lyrical twist. This is Mr. Rogan’s first-ever appearance in Cathlamet as part of his Pacific Northwest tour. More information about Davis Rogan is available on his web page as well as his Facebook page

Hotel Cathlamet unveils new tavern

Hotel Cathlamet unveils new tavern

For perhaps the first time in the building’s nearly 100-year history, Hotel Cathlamet now has a tavern.

Hotel owner Laurel Waller said many patrons, mostly women, have told her recently that they would like a place to meet with friends and wind down after work before going home.

“Over time, enough seeds get planted and here you go,” she said with a laugh Thursday.

Waller and her son, Timothy, have owned and operated the hotel for about three and a half years. In the downstairs they lease four retail stalls to local businesses.

When a space opened up, the new renter said they only wanted half of the space, Waller said. So she decided to transform the other half into a tavern.

“There it was, sitting here waiting for me to turn it into something,” she said. “I started toward what I imagined might be a place that women would like to stop.”

The 530-square-foot space now hosts her grandfather’s old armchairs and tables made of wine barrels. The walls are pink and burgundy, and smooth jazz plays quietly in the background…

Read more in the original article by , published by The Daily News at

New Electric Car Charging Stations!

New Electric Car Charging Stations!

Hotel Cathlamet is proud to include electric charging stations for your electric car. We have just recently installed both TESLA, and UNIVERSAL, and look forward to your visit!

New Owners for Hotel Cathlamet

Your hosts Tanya and Laurel

Wahkiakum County Chamber of Commerce’s Annual Salmon Derby – April 1st-2nd, 2016 kicked off our – Laurel, Tanya and Tim Waller’s ownership of Hotel Cathlamet. We had a full house of fishermen and clammers – many staying beyond the season end a day early on April 8th. We were greeted with kindness and patience as we stumbled through our first week. We are now running at a gentler pace although the washer/dryer are still working full steam ahead.

Thank you guests and Cathlamet for the warm welcome! Thanks especially to S, K, W and K for the double-sided blessing of a full house, W for keeping an eye on us, Bob for allowing experimental charges and Maria’s for keeping us fed throughout.

Television Upgrades

Hotel Cathlamet is going digital with more channel choices and HD viewing!

Digital conversion is in progress today for all 19 rooms. Can’t wait to test it out!